Use Case 1: Trading Days Selection

Meet Mr. Elon: Crafting a Custom Trading Schedule

In the ever-evolving world of trading, every trader has a unique approach. Mr. Elon, a seasoned trader, boasts a meticulously developed trading strategy that revolves around specific trading days. His preference? It could be weekdays, weekends, or even a mix of both. Now, Mr. Elon is eager to take his trading strategy to the next level by automating it.

The Xeroflex Solution: Precision in Trading

Xeroflex understands that no two traders are alike, and trading strategies should reflect that. With this in mind, we introduce a groundbreaking “Trading Days Selection” feature that seamlessly integrates with your strategy. Now, traders like Mr. Elon have the power to customize their trading schedule like never before.

How does it work? It’s simple. Mr. Elon can now choose the exact days he wishes his trading bot to be active. On days he doesn’t select, his bot remains dormant, patiently waiting for his command. This newfound precision and alignment between his trading schedule and strategy gives him full control of when and how his carefully crafted strategy is executed.

In this fast-paced trading world, Mr. Elon’s tailored solution empowers him to thrive and succeed on his own terms, embracing a trading schedule that suits his lifestyle and strategy. No more compromises – just precision and customization to the fullest.


To explore this feature in action and learn more about how Xeroflex can elevate your trading experience, view the following video.